Alliance Brands (1)


The Alliance Tire Group (ATG) is a fully owned subsidiary of Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. The Alliance tyre brand has been a leading name in the global off-highway tyre segment since its inception over 60 years ago. The brand is well known for its ability to provide customers, both aftermarket and OEM, with application-specific, purpose-built tyres. From fields to factories to forests, Alliance tyres offer solutions for every application.

With a presence in over 120 countries across 6 continents, and global manufacturing and R&D facilities, Alliance is able to get close to the market and understand the requirements of farmers, contractors and other end users within each region. This foothold enables Alliance to provide a customised focus for specific market requirements and has helped ATG to become the preferred OEM choice across the globe.

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BKT Brands


Established in 1987, Balkrishna Industries Limited (BKT) is now a leading tyre manufacturer within the global off-highway tyre market. With a prominent position within specialist segments including agricultural, construction, industrial, earthmoving, port and mining, ATV, lawn & garden, BKT has become a strategic player with worldwide brand recognition.

BKT boasts four global subsidiaries, five state of the art production facilities and sales activities and distribution in over 130 countries. Consistent and continuous investment in R&D and technological developments enable BKT to produce high quality specialist tyres and satisfy even the most demanding user needs for any application. BKT’s philosophy of “growing together” encompasses a commitment to efficiency and productivity within its own operations but also a significant commitment to corporate social responsibility and safeguarding the environment.

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Carlisle Brands


Carlisle tyres are manufactured by The Carlstar Group, a global leader and manufacturer of original equipment and aftermarket specialty tyres and wheels. Carlisle tyres offer a broad range of products and solutions for the agricultural, construction, outdoor power equipment, powersports and high-speed trailer markets. Carlisle's product portfolio includes lawn and garden tyres, ATV & UTV tyres, trailer tyres, agricultural tyres, and industrial and construction tyres.

Carlisle tyres offer best-in-class quality paired with cutting edge technology and product performance. The Carlisle brand is well-known amongst leading manufacturers and as such is fitted as Original Equipment on a wide array of important OEMs such as John Deere and Polaris. Browse our Carlisle offering to see a wide range of Carlisle brand tyres for Lawn and Garden applications and tyres for ATV and Utility Vehicles.

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Galileo Brand Image


Galileo CupWheel Tyres deliver enhanced performance capabilities based on a brand-new design concept. By combining the traction and flotation advantages of rubber tracks with the roadability, efficiency and compatibility advantages of radial tires, Galileo CupWheel tyres offer a highly beneficial, affordable and road-friendly hybrid solution.

They may look like  regular tyres and even use the same tread, bead and rim, yet the CupWheel's innovative double V-shaped structure provides high radial flexibility, maintains enhanced lateral stability, and retains its circumference even with low or zero air pressure. This unique CupWheel design creates an extended, uniformly distributed footprint (even in cases of extreme vertical loads or low inflation pressure), enabling run-flat drives and increased sidewall durability.

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Maxam Brands


Maxam Tire International Ltd is a major global specialty tyre manufacturer with a strong reputation for market leading quality, reliability and delivered value. Centred around world class engineering practices and the most advanced manufacturing platforms within the industry ensuring superior quality product.

Maxam is driven by four key elements. A strong technical knowledge and engineering prowess, driven by a continuous investment in a talented team of dedicated personnel. A continuous product and process improvement from product design through to the finished product and after-sales customer care. Top level products by a commitment to safe, high quality, reliable products. Finally, investment in R&D to bring to market new products and technologies to improve existing ones.

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MRL Brands


Having begun as a producer of tyre re-treading materials in 1954, MRL Tyres Ltd now has more than 60 years of production experience. Present in more than 90 countries, MRL is considered a leading company in the production and export of agricultural, industrial and off-road tyres, as well as tyres for light commercial vehicles. Investment in a continuously expanding product range has resulted in over 1800 Stock Keeping Units, covering many applications.

Today MRL Tyres is recognised as one of the most experienced manufacturers within the tyre industry, particularly noted for its value offering. The accredited manufacturing facility boasts state of the art imported equipment, all operated by highly qualified tyre builders and engineers. This philosophy of working with best-in-class imported materials is twinned with world-class production processes and techniques, allowing for quality assurance.

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Pirelli Brands


The Pirelli brand has been a pioneer in the agricultural sector, from 1936, when it started the promotion of agricultural tyres to substitute iron wheels on tractors. In 2017, 17 years after the last direct sales in Europe, the Pirelli brand was reintroduced into Europe. Through a high-technology development process, with intensive testing throughout Europe, both in the field and on the road, the new PHP™ range was proven under all conditions to ensure maximum performance in all applications.

Pirelli PHP radial tyres are the new Premium line dedicated to the European agricultural sector, giving farmers the highest performance, for the maximum possible crop yield. Energy efficient radial tyres deliver fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions.  Other key features include highly durable compounds for long-lasting tyres, reduced soil compaction, increased safety and driver comfort, and improved torque transmission to accommodate the heaviest tractors.

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